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Fonseca Asks: Why Now?

The rumor mill began churning some weeks ago where predictions for the elections were leaning more toward early 2016.  Just recently and on several occasions, the People’s United Party has challenged the Prime Minister to call the elections now.  Well, it seems Barrow has done just that and now the Leader of the Opposition is asking why so early; while coming up with his own responses ranging from economic crisis to mismanagement.


“We always anticipated that there would be a window for an election between now and sometime next year March or so. It’s come at the front end of that window. The question is why, why the sudden urgency and we believe the answer is clear. There are looming crises facing the Belizean nation and people; the PetroCaribe monies are drying up, the banking system is in trouble, there are so many serious problems and of course there are other issues facing the government internally that we are aware of that I think will come to the forefront very shortly and all of these things I think have led to this early unexpected call for elections more than a year earlier than they’re due.”

With the dissolution of the House of Representatives, what it does mean is that the men and women, who once served as Ministers of Cabinet, can no longer control or manage the Government ministries nor can they pass or change laws.  Until the next General Election the Chief Executive Officers are the one in charge of Government business.