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Fonseca Says Politics Under UDP is Low and Dirty

Fonseca also spoke on Ramos’ decision and his failure to inform the party and on the now pending bi-elections and how prepared the People’s United Party is.


“Politics under this United Democratic Party Government is the lowest and dirtiest I have ever seen it practiced in Belize and I believe all right thinking Belizeans should be concerned. We have a part in government that appears to be prepared to do any and everything to stay in power. Ivan Ramos did not inform the PUP Dangriga Branch or the central party of his decision but the reality is that the party in Dangriga has moved quickly and fairly effectively past Mr. Ramos. As you know we have a new candidate in the person of Anthony Sabal who has been well received and has energized our base in Dangriga. Now clearly a bi election is not in our party’s interest at this time. We are focused on preparations for the general elections. Our party will meet tomorrow, we will have a joint meeting of the National Executive and Standard bearers tomorrow afternoon to discuss this and other matters in some more detail and we will inform you of any decisions taken thereafter.”

Ramos was serving his first term in the House of Representatives since his win in 2012 with two thousand and thirty six of the three thousand eight hundred and twenty seven votes cast in Dangriga.  As it pertains to bi-elections, Former Area Representative Joseph Mahmud, who ran and won the Cayo North seat for the PUP, made history when he resigned in November 2014 which triggered the first bi-election for Belize through a voluntary resignation in March 2015.