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Fonseca Says the G-10’s Absence Further Erodes Confidence

The ten standard bearers made moves that can be described as audacious in the political arena.  Daring enough that with Fonseca once again cementing his post as party leader may just lead to a mere tolerance of the G-10 and nothing more.  While Fonseca’s statement to the media did not show any hard feelings, he did indicate that the absence of these ten men has further eroded the confidence in them and what he described as good faith intentions.


“In my view there was a particular and special obligation and duty attached to those who had signed the letter calling for the National Executive to undertake and I quote “calling the National Executive to take specific actions to be present and to be fully and robustly participating in the discussion and decision making.” The absence of any of the signatories to this letter without a legitimately documented excuse will only further erode confidence in their good faith intention in respect to the important issues raise in their letter.”