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Fonseca Says There Was No Meeting with Ashcroft

Tabled at today’s meeting was a discussion of divisional transfers which undoubtedly will require finances in the party.  According to PUP’s leader, Francis Fonseca, they have a strategic plan in place.


“We have a strategic plan for the transfer period and of course that requires some money and that is something that we will use in a very strategic way but yes.”


“Was there a meeting held between you and Ashcroft?”


“No man.”

When it comes to finances, the party has been down for some time now and there seems to be very minimal contributions being made to the PUP.  Reports reaching Love News are that Fonseca had met with Lord Michael Ashcroft, who has been known to assist financially in the political arena.  We asked Fonseca if there was a meeting with him and Lord Ashcroft since we had gotten a copy of a photograph with both Fonseca and Ashcroft meeting in a setting that appears to be the Radisson Fort George Hotel in Belize City.  Fonseca, however, told us, there was no meeting.