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Fonseca Says UB and SSB Issues Will Be Resolved

Following the launch of the PUP Manifesto this morning, we had a few minutes with the Party Leader, Francis Fonseca in which we asked him that should his party form the next government, how would he tackle the current issues looming overhead including the University of Belize’s Faculty and Association demanding a salary increase as well as the unresolved issues for the workers at the Social Security Board.  Here was his response.


“We will hit the ground running, we understand the issues, we have been engaged with these issues, the parties involved with these issues have been in consultation with us already.  So, we understand their concerns and it is clear to us that within a new PUP government that they will be prepared to sit with us around the table and we are absolutely confident that we will be able to resolve all of these matters within a matter of weeks of forming the government.”

The UBSCFA is asking for a fourteen percent salary increase which the President of the University, Alan Slusher has responded, saying that it was not financially feasible or possible at this time.  Meanwhile the workers at the Social Security Board are lobbying for increased wages and a revision of their current packages.