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Football Federation Bears New Executive Body

The Football Federation of Belize has a new executive following elections over the weekend in Belize City.  According to a press release from the FFB, the election was part of the federation’s ninth Ordinary Congress.  The release says, quote, “The Congress included an election process in which 14 District Football Association members and 6 members from the Premier League of Belize voted to elect the new Executive Body as follows: Marlon Kuylen – Senior Vice President, Shane Orio – Executive Member, Darlene Vernon – Executive Member.  Following 22 rounds of voting resulting in a tie each time, a new president and vice president for the FFB could not be elected.  Vying for the post of president were former President, Ruperto Vicente and former Vice President Sergio Chuc.  The vice president post was contested by Jaime Perdomo and former Executive Member Cruz Gamez.  Having been unable to break the tie, invited CONCACAF and UNCAF representatives conducted consultations with FIFA, after which Senior Vice President Marlon Kuylen was selected as Acting President of the FFB.  He will remain in this post for one year, when the next Ordinary Congress is scheduled to take place and an election will be held to elect a president and vice president.”  End of quote.