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Football Federation Needs Money to Play in the DR

As you saw, twenty three players were presented to the media but not all of them will make it to the Dominican Republic. According to the FFB that is because of a lack of finances. According to the team coordinator, they will be seeking the public’s assistance.


“Well we have to look at the cost for 20 players who are going to be travelling to the Dominican Republic along with the coaches and those are going to be leading the delegation.  So, it’s about 30 people who are going to be travelling at this time as a delegation; so, it is important for us though, to know that all our players will not be able to travel at this time and the 22 players will not be able to travel but 20 will be traveling.”


“I think it is important to note that it has been a heavy burden on the federation and I believe that the time has now come where we will have to reach out to the Belizean public for assistance to be able to continue with our quest for the World Cup and so if the John Saldivar FFBPresident’s announcement a few months ago had served notice to the general public and especially to the business community that we would be later on coming to you for your assistance, this press conference can now mean a notice to the general population that we are now in need of your assistance for this program to continue.”

After their match on June 11, the team arrives back on the 12 for their second match against the Dominican Republic on the 14 at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. Tickets are now on sale for fifty dollars at Smart Outlets countrywide and at the FFB Office.