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Football Summer Camp

The Future Football Club’s 8th annual football summer camp is in its second day.  The two-week program is being held each morning up until midday at the ITVET Football Field in Belize City.  During the camps, the children are taught the basics of football, comradery and sportsmanship. Love News spoke with Edon Rowley, the Camp Coordinator, who says space is still available.

Edon Rowley – Camp Coordinator: “We categorize our groups in the form of age grouping, you have your instructors with the kids between the ages of five through to eight and we have them categorized with their coach. We have the kids between the ages of nine to twelve, they are with their instructors and then we have kids between twelve to fourteen, they are with their instructors as well  doing their different football fundamentals and so forth.”

Johnelle Mckenzie: “But is it just learning about the game or is it competing as well?”

Edon Rowley – Camp Coordinator: “For sure like I mentioned earlier the three aspects is to showcase skills and talent,  that is the main one and the life skills that I just explained to you and of course we interact with other clubs that are bringing in their kids to play as well. Tomorrow we have sports and education Mr. Flowers coming over to partake and interact with the different football groups. At the end of this camp we will be selecting the best camper, most disciplined and most outstanding, the best skillful player and so forth.”

The camp is free of cost and the children are also being taught about life-skills.