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FOPREL Plans Emergency Meeting to Mediate B/ween Belize and Guatemala

Belize’s Speaker of the House, Michael Peyrefitte is said to be preparing for a meeting in Managua, Nicaragua for Thursday, May 19 where Parliamentarians and Presidents of Congress for El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala have confirmed their presence at the emergency meeting.  According to an online publication by Nicaragua’s National Assembly, the FOPREL, the Forum of Presidents of Legislative Bodies of Central America and the Caribbean basin is seeking to come up with a diplomatic solution to the border dispute between Belize and Guatemala.  FOPREL’s Executive Secretary, Santiago Rivas Leclair said Tuesday that the presence of these countries, there will be quorum to listen to the two Central American parties in order to avoid an armed conflict. The resulted agreement, according to the article will be witnessed by Nicaragua’s President of the National Assembly, Rene Nunez Tellez.  Thursday’s meeting will be the 18th extraordinary session for FOPREL.  Both Belize and Guatemala are members of this regional body whose mandate is to develop and strengthen cooperation between the Parliaments of Central America.  FOPREL was founded in August 1994.