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Forecast for the Next Three Days

The National Meteorological Office since last week has been monitoring an area of low pressure that gradually moved up and by the end of last week, the system had moved across Nicaragua and Eastern Honduras, emerging in the Gulf of Honduras. The system then curved into Belize on Saturday. Chief Meteorological Officer, Ronald Gordon, shared what is expected in the next few days. 

Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist

Ronald Gordon, Chief Meteorologist: “The conditions will remain very moist or very wet to put it in that term and very unstable over the next few days. We have a Tropical Wave which is near us and moving very slowly. So, that system will continue to dump heavy rainfall across the country. Indications are that the districts that have been affected already will continue to be affected. As a matter of fact, the models are indicating 2 – 3 inches with higher amounts, locally higher amounts, daily, for today and Tuesday with amounts decreasing sound Wednesday and a likely return to better weather in the latter part of the week. That is Thursday and Friday. Important points: the ground is already saturated; there has been intense rainfall, upwards of 10 inches in some locations and there’s likely to be more rainfall with the models indicating about two to three inches daily and local higher amounts because the models are sometimes conservative with their forecast so we need to take into consideration that what we see on the models may not be what has actually occurred. There could be high amounts and those rainfalls are likely to be some more flooding in that area.”