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Foreign Affairs can’t help with Rejected Visa Application

A sixteen year old Belizean was recently selected to join the Barca Football Academy in the USA. But before he could reach Arizona, 16 year old Jardehl Muschamp, had to come up with the yearly sixty-nine thousand US dollars to cover the cost of the ultra-expensive football factory school which costs more than most Ivy League Universities when comparing it by the dollar. Tuition for Harvard University is forty three thousand two hundred and eighty US dollars per semester and with living expenses, it is still less than the Barca Academy.  Nonetheless, the family raised a third of the funds for one year. But while the financial burden appeared insurmountable, the high bar of the US Embassy was certainly unattainable. The youth’s application for a Student F-1 visa was rejected last week by the US Embassy.  Suggestions were made to have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intervene, but the Minister of Foreign Affairs indicated today that ‘pull strings’ do not exist when it comes to the US Government.

John Briceno, Opposition Leader:Mr.Price did for us he served this country unselfishly and that he can always be that example of what people expect of their leaders, a person that’s humble, a person that is caring, a person that loves and genuinely wants to be able to serve the people and this is one day that we can take that opportunity on the very day that he left us to take that time out, do some reflection and at the same time to do some kind of activity to try to honor the life of Mr.Price.”

Muschamp’s father, Hilberto Muschamp reportedly said if his son did not get the visa, he would have to surrender his dreams.  However, there are much cheaper football factories in the region and in Belize the Belmopan Bandits has a junior division that has seen successful teens grow and become part of the senior team.  It would only cost a bus ticket to Belmopan to join that program.