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Foreign Affairs Frowns Upon BTV’s Planned Trip to Gracias a Dios

On Saturday, Wil Maheia, of the Belize Territorial Volunteers plans to make an expedition to the Gracias a Dios monument in commemoration of the fateful day when Belizeans were detained by Guatemalan Military a year ago. Today, we learnt that the CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sylvestre Lawrence called Maheia in an attempt to dissuade him from making the trip.


Just before news time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent out a release expressing grave concern about the inherent danger in the course of such activity. The release says quote, the Government of Belize is committed to a peaceful resolution of Guatemala’s claim as agreed under the Special Agreement of 2008 and the continuing process under the auspices of the OAS to maintain peace and to promote confidence building measures between Belize and Guatemala”, end of quote. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cautions that while there are no public areas in Belize where Belizeans are not permitted to visit, there are areas in the proximity of our western and southern borders which are prone to generate tensions between the citizens of the two countries. The Ministry says that it is quote, “imprudent and potentially dangerous for the organizers of excursions of this type to expose innocent Belizeans to the risk of inadvertently coming into conflict with Guatemalans be they civilians or officials”, end of quote.