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Foreign Affairs Minister Speaks on CARICOM 37th Regular Meeting in Guyana

Correspondent Banking was not the only item tabled on the agenda at the recent meetings of the CARICOM’s 37th Regular Meetings held in Georgetown, Guyana last week.  Belize’s Foreign Minister is back in country and he spoke with Love News on the gist of the sessions he sat in.


“I thought it went very well as a matter of fact this is one of the very few meetings where you actually had most heads of government turned up. I think I was the only person who was the a head but all the other heads of government turned up. The discussions were very lively animated and I think there is certainly a renewed resolve and seriousness to enhance the process in particular the single market and economy and discussed questions like the free movement of people that is very important, the issue of security, the question of the banking, de-risking those were all issues which we dealt with.”

The issue of Belize’s sovereignty was also discussed for which solidarity and support for Belize in its territorial differendum with Guatemala was expressed.


“We got an overwhelming support from the heads as a matter of fact normally at meetings like this there is a communique that is given and it usually has a paragraph supporting Belize’s sovereignty and territorial integrity now we had that paragraph included in the main body of the communique but in addition to that we had a separate and apart annex which commends us for the effort we are making to deal with the new accommodation agreement, not the accommodation agreement the mechanism for the Sarstoon commending us for agreeing to do the mechanism urging us to try to get it done as quickly as possible, urging us to do all that we need to do to get the matter before the ICJ subject to a successful referendum so we are getting good progress on that ground as well.”

Minister Elrington returned home over the weekend after staying for the funeral service of the sixth Prime Minister for Trinidad and Tobago, Patrick Manning.