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Foreign Affairs Minister speaks on proposed amendment to Misuse of Drugs Act

On Friday, a piece of legislation to amend the Misuse of Drugs Act will be tabled in the House of Representatives. As we had reported yesterday, the bill seeks to decriminalize up to ten grams of marijuana. We are not expecting much debate on the matter since parliamentarians from both sides of the house have expressed support for the bill in the past. Today cabinet Minister Wilfred Elrington shared his views on the piece of legislation.


Wilfred Elrington – Minister of Foreign Affairs

“My own understanding of it is that what they are seeking to do really is to enable people who smoke small quantities of marijuana to do so without running the risk of going to prison. So if you smoke small amounts of marijuana in your home you are not likely to be charged for that, if you do the same thing outside they will give you a summons and you will pay a fine that is about the extent of that piece of legislation is nothing more than that really to facilitate those people and there are some people who use marijuana for medicinal purposes and if they have it in their home and they catch them they can find themselves in serious problems. So I think it’s an attempt to reach a kind of compromise but it’s very minimal. The initiative is really minimal it’s no big thing


In 2012, the Decriminalization of Marijuana Committee was formed after which a final report was present to cabinet in 2015. The committee was chaired by Douglas Singh.