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Foreign Affairs Relocates to Casa dei Fiori

The Foreign Affairs Service of Belize is looking to relocate their Belize City offices from the Thurton building on Coney Drive to the Casa del Fiori on St Mark’s Street in the King’s Park area.  Today a contract of sale was signed onto with the realtor of the three storey concrete structure which will also house the Prime Minister’s office and the office for the Special Envoy for Women and Children.  The media was invited for today’s signing between the realtor, the Government and the Taiwanese Ambassador.  According to Minister Elrington, having a place designated especially for Foreign Affairs was a plan in the making for some years now.


The Government had broken ground for the construction of a new building in Belmopan in December 2015 but the works never happened.  The new structure that houses the offices is a gift from Taiwan and according to Minister Elrington, it is providential, even.  Taiwan’s Ambassador to Belize, His Excellency Benjamin Ho spoke of when he first served in Belize about twenty seven years ago and his memory of how the offices were.


The structure and property was bought for one point five million dollars, paid fully by the Taiwan Government.