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Foreign Minister Chastises Media on Belize/Guatemala Reports

While he was speaking on Guatemala’s territorial claim on Belize, Minister of Foreign Affairs turned his attention to the media of Belize. Minister Wilfred Elrington criticized the media for offering a disservice to the public stating that media houses, twist and turn his words to make him look bad and incite hate. However, with that in mind, Elrington has decided that he will no longer give solo interviews on the Guatemalan issue to any media house.


“I find it so incomprehensible that we have so many knowledgeable people about the Guatemalan issue and whenever the issue comes up especially involving the Sarstoon the most prominent media finds the least informed person to interview. People who they interview can’t even talk and articulate their views properly. But the media invariably seek them out. What are you trying to do to your population ? In my view it’s an injustice. You are doing a disservice to your population with an incident that is so important. Mr.Speaker it will be seen that during the national elections I never once raised this issue notwithstanding the fact that night and day I was accused of giving away to Guatemala parts of Belize and the Sarstoon to the point when I went on the street people looked at me and cursed me.  Nothing was further from the truth but I never responded and I never responded because this issue is too important to trivialize. I am resolved along with your team to make sure that I will not give any more interviews to any newspaper or to any television station unless I do it jointly with a member of the opposition party because this is a national issue and we must speak with one voice. The practice of the media has been to take your view and twist it in a way you don’t recognize it seeming to have one thought in mind, to confuse the public and try to make you look bad. They have not had much success but I can tell you that they don’t give up. Mr.Speaker that era is ended, I will no longer give any interview on my own.”

Welcoming Elrington’s decision to not speak with the media without a representative from the People’s United Party was Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Kareem Musa. Musa also called on Elrington’s removal as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.