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Forest Department looks to curb illegal logging

With the closure of the logging season, forest department in each district are taking measures to prevent and/or halt the illegal harvesting of these natural resources. In Punta Gorda, the Forest Department has begun put measures in place to deter these types of illegal activities.

Paul Mahung reporting…
“The logging season is closed and the Forestry Department in Toledo continues efforts to halt logging practices. Forest Officer at Machaca Forest Station is Raul Chun.

Raul Chun – Forest Officer
“The Forest Department actually institutes a close of logging season on an annual basis and the logging season closure actually states on June 15, this coincides with the rainy season and more so for the protection of the environment , forest roads, farmers roads and roads leading to the rural communities in the Toledo district. We all know that the Toledo district normally has the highest level of rainfall throughout the country and thus the reason the Forest Department fees it has the responsibility to protect forest and environment so as to have the healthy population within this district.”

Paul Mahung
Kindly comment on the penalties for those who are caught logging during the closed season.

Raul Chun – Forest Officer
“Well anybody carrying out harvesting of forest produce during the close of the logging season is actually committing an illegal offence. The penalties are quite high given that in February 2017 the forest laws were amended and right now the penalties are quite high and it is there to deter people from really engaging in these kinds of activities.

Paul Mahung
“Forest Officer Chun commented that loggers are encouraged to comply with logging regulations and the logging season closing dates from June 15 to October 15.”