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Forest Officer Daniel Chi Returns to Work

Forest officer, Daniel Chi returned to work on Friday, May 6 after he had been placed on administrative leave. This comes because of the debacle involving Prime Minister John Briceno and Minister Jose Mai’s intervention in the importation of several plants for Diani Chan’s company, Botanical Gardens by Roselyn. Chi is accused of hanging up the phone on Prime Minister Briceno while Chi’s union, the PSU says that the Prime Minister did not follow the chain of command. More than that, the union feels that the Prime Minister erred egregiously by making the call in the first place. When asked for an update on the situation from the man, who signed Chi’s letter, CEO Dr. Kenrick Williams, he said that the matter is an ongoing case that he would not like to comment on at this time. As a follow-up, we pressed him on whether the Ministry of Sustainable Development was pursuing the matter further within public service regulations. Dr. Williams confirmed that the Ministry is indeed pursuing it. When we also asked for a response to the PSU position that the letter Dr. Williams signed was riddled with procedural errors, Dr. Williams only said that that’s the union’s position and quote “I respect their opinion” End quote. We take all that to mean that the Ministry feels that this matter is not quite finished at this point and a further look into the matter is necessary. We, of course, will continue to follow the story.