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Former Belmopan City Council Under Investigation

The issue surrounding the Harriet Topsy Park is only one of several that the Belmopan City Council is investigating.  According to Minister Mira there were many given out days before the municipal elections at very cheap prices.

Oscar Mira, Area Representative, Belmopan

Oscar Mira, Area Representative, Belmopan: “We are looking not only at those. And I don’t know the specifics in that case but there are many more properties in Belmopan that were sold some as recently as the 2nd, 3rd of March and we are – and I have met with the Mayor who is investigating all of those sales and we want to ensure that if it was done illegal that we can recover it back. We are working with our legal advisor and I don’t want to be preempting the Mayor but as the area representative, and we represent the same area and the same people, I think it was important for myself and her to meet and to just put a pause on all those sales, on all those documents that were pending because the day after elections there were so many documents that were trying to be rushed and put through RECONDEV and through Lands Department. We did put a pause to it and we’re going to go case by case and ensure that if there was any wrong doing that we stop it and we recover what is for the city. It’s not going to be easy and I’m telling you when we publish or when we show you all that was happening at the Belmopan City Council man I was amazed, I was surprised, I thought that it was bad but it is a hundred times worse.”

With RECONDEV in the mix of it all, Love News asked Minister Mira to speak on the role of Recondev and if there is still a need for the entity in present day.

Oscar Mira, Area Representative, Belmopan: “RECONDEV is the government entity that is in charge of all lands for Belmopan. It is a discussion that I think we need to have. Has it served its purpose ? Perhaps but we won’t be rushing into making any conclusion I think that a study needs to be done and more safeguards need to be put in place so that any future Belmopan City Council don’t have it as easy to get rid of city properties they way this council did. So I think that it is a revision that is pending. It is something that we need to look at and we’re definitely going to look at it. We won’t come to any quick conclusions on that but safe guards need to be put in place so that future city councils just can’t get rid of buffers and streets and boulevards just because they are property of the Belmopan City Council. I do believe that a lot of work needs to be done legally to ensure that the properties that are under City Council and it’s for public use remains that way.”