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Former CEO Says Hospital’s Management Is the Problem

The issues in the health sector of Belize has been at the forefront recently.  There have been several cases that, at face value, the Government could and in some corners are, being accused of not doing sufficient to improve the sector.  With Doctor Alvaro Rosado being the head of the national referral hospital, the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for over eight years, we ventured to get his feedback, as only an observer now.  Here is what he had to say.


“Well it’s kind of difficult to compare since I am not there right now but certainly it seems to me that KHMH was moving up when I was there up until 2008. Since then we have had a lot of campaigns, I’ve heard a lot of public comments that are not really complimentary of the hospital. I think things have gone a bit wrong; I’m not sure why it would seem to me that administration is a big problem and  I am not sure about the support that the hospital is getting. The health professionals that are there have not changed, they are very capable they have always been and they have always been willing to work so there must be something else and I would have to attribute that to the management of the hospital. I think there is something drastically wrong in how the hospital is being managed at this point in time.”