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Former Compol Whylie says career was ended abruptly

This afternoon, the former Deputy Commissioner of Police Chester Williams was ascended to the position of top cop in an official ceremony at the Police Training Academy in the Capital City Belmopan. But before we get into that story, the man who ComPol Williams succeeds, former Commissioner Allen Whylie took to the podium.  The typically media shy Whylie made his last public address under the umbrella of the department and addressed the public scrutiny he endured during his tenure. Whylie started by saying that today’s event was bittersweet as only six years ago he was the man of the hour, but he then proceeded into addressing the many attacks he received including in his capacity as Commissioner. Whylie went on to reveal that he was handed his walking papers, a calculated move he did not expect.

Allen Whylie: Over the last two years I have experienced first hand where there was organized sustained coordinated and systematic attacks against myself as the Commissioner of Police via social media by persons who did not know me personally. Attacks were also made by influential members of the opposition and also by some sectors of the media.  I have never responded to those attacks as I was a member of a disciplined body and a public servant and as of 9th January 2019 I have been and so I am free to speak and whatever I say can no longer be associated with the Belize Police Department. I can say with all honesty that with those attacks it did not phase me, they did not distract me from the task at hand. To my surprise I would say those persons ultimately achieved those objectives when on the 8th January 2019 I was called to a meeting and was informed that I was going to be retired effective immediately. I have served a little over 31 years as a Police Officer except for a period where I first served as the Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of the National Security and later as the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Defense. I can say without a doubt to those persons who are apart of the campaign to get me replaced or fired that you have not broken me, you have not taken away anything from me. I am still the same humble person who says what he means and means what he says whose words is his bun. I am principal person who believes in the rule of law and who executed his duties impartially without fear or favor, without being influenced by politics or supposedly public sentiments. I have always been and will continue to be comfortable in my own skin.

But that was not the end of his discourse on the subject. Whylie also had much to say to other officers within the department, who, along with the others, he says he has forgiven. Here is what he said.

Allen Whylie: “Those who have wronged me know who they are. I want to let them know that I have forgiven them because I am first and foremost a spiritual person. To those officers who are gloating, prancing or crowing and gleeful as if they have won the Superbowl or the Lotto I say to you do not be because unlike you my book is already written. There was a beginning, a middle and an ending and I am now embarking on a new chapter in my life which I will include in that book. I have left the Belize Police Department with my head held high, my pride in tact, my integrity intact and my reputation in tact. As you all know I value my reputation and my name because that is all that I have.

One area in which the former commissioner took much heat was regarding the department’s poor record on on curbing major crime such as murder, since Belize has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the region. There were countless calls made for his removal from the leadership of the department when crime kept swirling out of control, and just like he lamented, it came from many influential figures. Today, he addressed that matter as well saying, essentially, that he believes his track record is a successful one.

Allen Whylie: “ There is a lot of hype made of the issue of crime in Belize and the supposedly in effectiveness of myself as the Commissioner of Belize and the Belize Police Department. Since this is my last opportunity on the public stage I will set the record straight and list some of the things and the successes that we have done in the crime fighting area. When I took over command in 2013 Belize had experienced at the end of 2012 31st December there was 2772 major incidents recorded. I can tell you that we have never reached that level under my command. The new command when I took over identified dedicated committed people in which we had put our plans in place and I can tell you they worked tirelessly in 2013 and they continued to work tirelessly and at the end of December 2013 we had been able to reduce major crime incidents to 2395, a reduction of 377 incidents or 13.6%. Over my last six years in command on the Belize Police Department there were only two periods where minor increases in major crimes were recorded namely 2014 where 2494 cases were recorded compared to 2018, were 2395 cases were recorded. An increase of 99 cases or 4 %. The other occasion was in 2018 where 1371 major incidents were recorded and in 2017 where 1337 cases were recorded, a merry increase of 34 cases or 2.5%. During my six years in command we took over 1048 Firearms off the streets of Belize across this entire country. We took 15,944 asserted rounds of ammunition from across this country. From 2013 to 2016 crime was reduced from the high of 2772 major incidents to as indicated at 2018 as 1371 incidents. A reduction of 1401 major incidents or 50.5% so tell me how could I have been in effective. As I said there was a coordinated media campaign by persons and that was well known but that is history but as I said today is the opportunity to put the record straight.”

Former Commissioner Whylie served 31 years in the Belize Police Force.