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Former Contractor General attempts to submit missing reports

Love News has confirmed that at the end of April the former Contractor General, Godwin Arzu attempted to file his missing annual reports. Arzu’s contract as Contractor General was not renewed by the Government at the end of 2017 after Senators pointed out that he had not submitted reports since 2012 as mandated by the law. This prompted the Government to withdraw Arzu’s re-appointment. Notwithstanding that he is no longer the Contractor General for the country, Arzu reportedly attempted to submit his missing reports to the National Assembly but was rejected. Love News understands that Arzu cannot file any report because, as we said, he is no longer the Contractor General and the law states that only the contractor general can do so. For Arzu’s six missing reports to be accepted by the National Assembly, the Cabinet needs to hand down a directive for the clerk to do so. That directive has not been ordered. Arzu was first appointed as Contractor General in 2008.