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Former Court of Appeal Judge to Belize Passes

Final tributes were paid yesterday to a former sitting judge on the Court of Appeals panel who served in Belize during a part of his career.  85-year-old, Boyd Humbert Glouster Carey died in his home in Florida, USA on May 11 and a memorial service was held at the Providence Methodist Church in Jamaica.  Carey sat as a judge of appeals over The Cayman Islands in 1989 to1993 and then in 1997, he retired from the Court of Appeal and was recognized as one of the longest-serving judges of appeal in Jamaica.  Whilst in Belize, Carey would spend his spare time seeking out cricket events as it was a sport he was fond of and when he did find those events, he would engage with the teams in offering advice.  He served 32 years in the Caribbean judiciary with time spent in Jamaica, the Bahamas and Belize as a judge of the Court of Appeals.  He served in Belize for 10 years but came back briefly when he was reappointed as temporary justice of the Belize Court of Appeal for the June 2011 session.