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Former Deputy Tax Director Reynaldo Verde Agrees to a Guilty Plea in the US Courts

Former Deputy Tax Director, Reynaldo Verde has agreed to a guilty plea in the US Southern District Court of Florida, signed and dated September 9, 2021. A plea agreement document obtained by our newsroom indicate that Verde will plead guilty to count two of the indictment which charges him with attempted interference with commerce by extortion. Once a sentence is issued on this count, the agreement notes that count one will be dismissed. With this guilty plea Verde now faces a statutory maximum term of imprisonment of up to twenty years followed by a term of supervised release of up to three years. In addition to the prison sentence the US Court could possibly impose a fine of up to two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars or a fine not exceeding twice the amount he gained from the extortion offence. As part of his plea agreement a recommendation will be made to the court to have the sentencing reduced by two levels based on Verde’s assistance given to the authorities in the investigation and prosecution of his misconduct. The plea agreement further states that it will be suggested to the court that Verde surrenders to the US, all assets obtained through this count of extortion. Interestingly, once the plea agreement is executed Verde will not be able to appeal any sentence or fine imposed unless the sentence exceeds the maximum permitted by law. 46-year-old, Reynaldo Verde was nabbed at the Washington Dulles International Airport by the FBI on September 7, 2019 upon his return from an official meeting in Brussels, Belgium. He has since been awaiting trial in the United States. The case against him stems from a complaint made by American national, Chris Williams who reportedly produced a recording of a conversation with Verde. Verde was reportedly assisting Williams who owed back taxes of an estimated eight million dollars. According to an FBI affidavit, Verde was asking for a 350-thousand-dollar payment to help him out in possibly covering up his back taxes. At the time of the incident, Williams, CEO of Legacy Global Development (LGD), a real estate company headquartered in San Diego, California, had recently purchased the Orchid Bay Resort in Corozal.