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Former DHS Dr. Manzanero Shares Experience on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr Marvin Manzanero received his second shot of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine today in Belmopan. He explained that for him he had experienced minor symptoms after the shots and that he is keeping a log of the effects as part of a global survey.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Former Director of Health Services: “Well yeah today I got my second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, that’s twelve weeks one day after the first dose. No side effects so far but I guess we’ll wait and se what the next twenty four maximum seventy two hours is when we can anticipate most of the side effects. In the first dose I had nothing on the day I got the vaccine, I didn’t take any medication, the following morning I woke up with a low grade fever and maybe around nine o’clock of the following day which was about twenty hours after I got the first dose I had would say intense lower back pain that’s the first time I took medication. It lasted maybe about four or five hours and then symptoms went away. The day after which was forty eight hours after I had the low grade fever for a couple of hours and then that was it. Those were all the side effects I had with the first dose. There’s some people who have no sign or symptom even though they may have had COVID 19 before so every patient is going to be different. I got my first dose maybe about five and a half months after I had initially contracted the infection and so everybody’s immune system would be different. As I said some people have absolutely no symptom and some people do get sever fever, intense body aches, muscle aches, headaches those I think are the more common symptoms that I know people have been describing after being vaccinated. So it is unpredictable. You don’t know how everybody’s immune system is going to react and you also will routinely find out that the literature talks about getting responses which can last anything between three to a maximum nine months after having gotten COVID19 so that the response fluctuates in each person.”

The study that Dr Manzanero is currently participating in is being conducted by Baylor College. He says the study is being done using healthcare workers and is focused on determining the level of anti-bodies in those who have taken the vaccine. He says his personal experience saw his antibodies go from six point eight-four-eight ISRs and after his first shot of the vaccine it went up to eleven point seven zero seven.

Dr.Marvin Manzanero, Former Director of Health Services: “What that means is that antibodies would be your body’s defenses. Your body has a memory for any infection you may have gotten or been exposed to that’s the role of vaccines that’s why we get vaccinated when we are children so that whenever we would come in contact with any of those potential pathogens your body will respond and protect you against having sever disease which is the objective of getting the COVID 19 vaccine is it doesn’t prevent infection it prevents sever cases so that you don’t wind up being in a hospital or dying as a result of COVID19. So the values that I have suggest that when I got the first dose I had a good anti body response still in my system and the fact that it went up to almost double the amount after the first dose indicates that the first dose did do its role in terms of stimulating further response for when you do become exposed to the SARS COV2 virus. Some data suggests that once you have had COVID19 and you get  a first dose that you probably don’t require a second dose of the vaccine but because the science is evolving that’s the reason why I’m participating in this study so that the data becomes pooled data and it becomes researched data that you can see how you’re going to use to see how your going to craft your vaccine programs as you move along but I did decide to take the second dose at twelve weeks and will draw samples six weeks from now to see what my immune level of antibody is six weeks from now.”