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Former Finance Officer for Immigration Confirms Destruction of Visa Stickers

The third person to be called before the Senate Special Select Committee was Teresita Castellanos. Castellanos was the Financial Officer in the Immigration Department from May 2011 to June 2014. Her name appears several times in the Auditor General’s report, particularly in the executive summary of the visa report. In that executive summary, the Auditor General speaks of the destruction of twenty five thousand visa stickers. According to the report, there were conflicting dates as to when the stickers were “supposedly” destroyed.  Castellanos clarified the dates and said the stickers were definitely destroyed.



The Auditor General also stated that 460 visa foils were returned do the immigration department for safe keeping by some embassies. She notes that 60 were issued and the remainder was unaccounted for.






Castellanos was accompanied by Attorney Bernard Usher. The senate committee continues its hearing next week Wednesday.