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Former Foreign Minister challenges Belize Peace Movement to an ICJ debate

The Belize Peace Movement continues to push its campaign for a “no” vote on taking the Guatemalan claim over part of Belize to the ICJ. The referendum is less than two months away and in the same light, government continues its education campaign on the issue. Over the past weeks, there has been some developments, the first being the signing of a declaration on taking the matter to the ICJ by former PUP Foreign Ministers and the Prime Minster Dean Barrow. That has led to a number of criticisms against the former government ministers, some of it coming from members of the very party they belong to. Leaders of the Belize Peace Movement have also been vocal about their objection to the joint decalaration. The idea of a debate between the Belize Peace Movement and the former Foreign Minister, Lisa Shoman, has been tabled and initially the BPM had agreed to the engagement on Love Television.  Earlier this week, however, the Belize Peace Movement had a change of heart and declined the invitation to debate Shoman.  Shoman was recently informed and had this to say on the matter.

Lisa Shoman Attorney & Former Foreign Minister: “That’s really sad because I actually thought we could have had a dialogue. We didn’t need to have a debate but where Belizean’s are asking to be educated and they are complaining that the yes is more vocal and that the yes is being pushed down their throats. I thought this was a good opportunity for the Belize Peace Movement to put forward their views and I will put forward my views and hopefully Belizean’s will learn something. Listen we don’t have to like each other in this country you know but we have to learn how to get along and we have to learn how to cooperate in putting the country before anything else so I am issuing a challenge to the Belize Peace Movement I expect to see you on Love FM’s Morning Show sometime soon and bring as many people as you’d like it and I think Belizean’s will learn.”

Love FM and Love Television continue their efforts at fostering further engagements and debates on the ICJ matter.