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Anthony Martinez, Former Government Minister

Former Government Minister Called before Commission of Inquiry

With the NTUCB President Martinez cut middle speech, and the live stream discontinued, the day’s proceedings were postponed.  The media met up with former Government Minister Anthony Boots Martinez who gave account of what transpired behind closed doors as the media is not permitted inside the room. Martinez says he was prepared to answer questions related to his purchase of a FORD 150 pickup that he bought from the last administration.

Anthony Martinez, Former Government Minister: “Getting ready to give my testimony in regards to F150 pick up that I bought from government and getting ready to deal with what I needed to deal with in terms of the facts and in comes the Commissioner Luke Martinez who read a statement from the union saying that they are no longer participating in the procedures because government in their hypocritical way during the inquiry continue to deal with the fire sale disposal of assets without transparency referring to some planes that were sold, some guns and vehicles that were sold in the middle of the inquiry so the unions said that they don’t have any time to deal with it and they treat the commission of inquiry with political games hinting to calling names of politicians in terms of requesting certain politicians to come before the commission without saying it out right like they’re treating it politically some of the things don’t warrant for people to come.”