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Former Governor General Donates Drums to Canaan SDA High School

The Canaan Seventh Day Adventist High School Band received a much-needed donation of drums. The donation was made possible by Sir Colville Young’s “Music in Schools” Program which is focused on raising funds for schools to encourage music development.  A handing-over ceremony was held today and Reporter, Giovanna Moguel has the story.

Jovanna Moguel, Love FM News: The Canaan Seventh Day Adventist High School Marching Band received a pair of brand spanking new bass drums. The donation of these percussion instruments came just in time for the Independence Day Uniform Parade. Music teacher Elston Lord explains that their old drum sets were damaged beyond repair due to years of wear and tear. After consulting with principal Jaime Roberts, they decided to reach out to Sir Colville Young’s Music in the Schools program for assistance.

Elston Lord, Music Teacher, Canaan, SDA High School: “I was approached on last Friday by the principal that we were invited to perform for an event next week Friday. On investigation of the instruments I realised that our bass drums were completely destroyed and so I approached him and I asked him to help secure two bass drums for us and so that’s when he made the suggestion for us to contact the Sir Colville Young Music Program in Schools and that’s what we did. And so with that, we were blessed this morning with having those two bass drums sponsored to us.”

Jaime Roberts, Principal, Canaan SDA High School: “We immediately did the letter then he contacted Mr. Villanueva and Mr. Villanueva said, “You know what? To speed up the process you can WhatsApp it to me.” So we WhatsApped the letter and Monday we got an official said that yes we are granted the two bass drums.”

Jovanna Moguel, Love FM News: Robert said the timely response was received with excitement and today, the drums were officially handed over by Former Governor General Sir Colville Young. Sir Colville has always demonstrated a steadfast interest in developing and promoting Belizean music. Chairman of the Music in Schools program, Harry Pilgrim, highlighted that he continues to be an advocate for maintaining music as a staple interest in Belizean schools. 

Harry Pilgrim, Chairman, Sir Colville Young Music in Schools Program: “We were very pleased with the performance that they gave this morning and Sir Colville Young would like to express his gratitude to the students and to the staff for that display to which we were treated earlier today. We believe that music is fundamental to growth.”

Jovanna Moguel, Love FM News: The band eagerly christened the instruments today and got the opportunity to see an impromptu piano performance by Sir Colville. 15 year old band leader Frank August expressed his gratitude and hoped that the membership would grow.

Frank August : “We have to get ready for the Band Fest right? So I mean it makes sense to keep the old one, try to do a little work on it, make sure everything is good and try to expand to get another bass player. We have a few snares. They’re not in tune but probably donations for another snare. If we are preparing for Band Fest, I mean we’ll definitely need some trumpets or whatever instruments that would make the band more helpful and make it a more joyful noise.”

Jovanna Moguel, Love FM News: Co-founder of the Music in Schools Program, Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr. says it is time the community begins to pay more attention to the musical talents of young Belizeans and nurture them to become well-rounded citizens. 

Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr., Co-founder, Sir Colville Young Music in Schools Program: “This is a very wonderful occasion when we can link both together where Mr. Colville M. Young Music in the Schools Committee can donate instruments that will be used for the benefit of our Belizean children and also as part of the Belize Band Fest because they’ve made that commitment that they are being part of the Belize Band Fest as well. I like to pay tribute to all our Belizean musicians regardless of what area of music you perform in or you take part in because music is a language of its own, you know, and it’s a food of its own. It feeds you. It nurtures you. I mean it was Shakespeare who said, “If music is the food of love then play on.” So we have to have the music playing. Music, it makes us feel different. You know when we heard that band playing this morning, for example, it just felt uplifting.”

Jovanna Moguel, Love FM News: Dr. Villanueva reiterated that it is pleasing to see how the music industry in Belize has grown and blossomed over the years and he also notes that the country has a cadre of promising young artists. Reporting for Love News, Jovanna Moguel.