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Former Gov’t Minister Entangled In Yet Another Controversy

San Ignacio Police say former Government Minister, Elvin Penner will likely face charges for manslaughter after he knocked down and killed 41 year-old Kenrick Anthony Myvette, a resident of Unitedville. The accident happened shortly before seven o’clock Friday night. Police say that Penner told them he was heading towards San Ignacio in his dark green Ford Excursion. When he reached in the vicinity of Running W Brand Meats, he came up behind a red minivan that was traveling at a slow speed. Assistant Superintendent of Police Daniel Iche told the media today that Penner was overtaking  the vehicle when he hit Myvette.


He began to overtake the minivan and whilst reaching parallel to the van he saw a motorcycle coming in the opposite direction. He swerved to his right to avoid a collision and as a result he collided into the left side of the red minivan. The motorcycle rider collided into the left front portion of his vehicle. He stopped his vehicle and made checks on the motorcycle who was identified to be Mr.Kenrick Myvette a 41 year old laborer of Unitedville Village who sustained head and body injuries. He was transported to the Western Regional Hospital and further transported to the KHMH where he succumbed to his injuries.”

Myvette’s family says that he had gone to Santa Elena/San Ignacio to collect his pay check. They added that Myvette did not consume alcohol and was a careful driver while on the road. His niece Jessica Bahadur told the media about their ordeal on Friday night.


He had to go because everything was running out already and his baby needed feeding and so he had to go for the money and on his way back he had texted my aunt several times. He texted my aunt and told her that he collected $700. A little while after that he texted to say he had just left Cayo and that he was on his way home. After that he texted again to say that he had almost reached but then night had set in already and we were at home on the Veranda waiting on him and he didn’t come; this was around seven that night and he had left around five the evening. So we were waiting and then his other niece came with Kenny’s other brother and nephew and she told us to hurry because Kenny got into an accident. So we hurried went, we didn’t take any slippers or anything we just jumped into the vehicle and we went. When we went and got on the scene we just saw the motorcycle in pieces, the was on the handle of the bike .There was blood on the ground and the helmet he had on was bloody and broken up, a black shirt that he had on was on the ground bloody too. So when we got there Penner said that nothing bad had happened to him and that he only had a little cut and nothing happened to him. Well we just believed him.”

Myvette sustained multiple head and body injuries and succumbed to these shortly before one o’clock on Saturday morning after he had been transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital that same night. Bahadur says the family is displeased at the way the police handled the situation, saying Penner was never detained even after Myvette succumbed to his injuries. Today ASP Itche says their investigation is showing that is the case and Penner may be charged as soon as tomorrow for manslaughter