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Former GSU Commander to Replace Chester Williams

More than one hundred officers of the Belize Police Department will be transferred to either another unit or another jurisdiction in the next few months. The transfer list we obtained does not indicate whether any of the top brass will be moved but reports coming out from Racoon Street Police station are that Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams,  who was admitted to the bar last year will be heading to Belmopan to be part of the Prosecution Branch. Williams is currently the commanding officer for the Eastern Division South in Belize City. That post, we understand will now be taken up by Senior Superintendent Marco Vidal who was once the head of the Gang Suppression Unit. Williams and Vidal are polar opposites when it comes to their approach to crime. Williams has made strides in his jurisdiction when it comes to gang interventions and youth programs. Vidal, on the other hand is known as the man who headed the GSU when reports of excessive and regular GSU abuse surfaced. Minister Elodio Aragon spoke on the matter.


“Brute force in terms of policing never works. There is a time for everything when you have deal with certain people etc. but when you look at where we have to go as a police department listen Mr.Vidal is a senior police officer and he doesn’t have a special book where he can break laws, he is governed under the police act, he is governed under the police disciplinary picture and of course he has to abide by the laws of this country likewise. He coming here to south side is only one part of this entire set up in Belize City we have several other precincts here, we have a lot more people he is coming as a commander someone who will coordinate, he will not be on the ground out there kicking doors in etc. so he has to abide by law and order and definitely he knows what this department stands for right now he understands where the Ministry looks at this. We are trying to bring people with fresh ideas, with new energy to look at the situation here in Belize City.”

Northside and Southside of Eastern Division will be amalgamated into one jurisdiction under the command of ACP Dezerie Phillips.