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Former Lands Minister Says Lands Department Should Be Investigated As Far Back As 2008

Opposition Leader Briceno spoke about the latest scandal emanating from the Lands Department. That scandal resulted in the resignation of one of the UDP’s most influential political players, Gaspar Vega. Vega resigned as Minister but is still the elected Area Representative for Orange Walk North. Briceno says that it is the people of Orange Walk North to now decide whether they still want Vega as their area representative.


“I think it is of utmost importance that there be an investigation into the lands department from 2008 right up to 2016 because we need to get to the bottom of as to what exactly has taken place under the care of the former deputy prime minister and minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega.”


“Do you believe that it was enough for him to resign as minister?”


“Well I think that is a decision for the people of Orange Walk North to do. This very same government has put in a mechanism where representatives can be recalled and if the people in Orange Walk north believe that Mr.Vega should no longer represent them then I think that they should take whatever action they deem necessary to have a recall in Orange Walk North.”