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Former Minister Godwin Hulse Says the Commission of Inquiry Printed Lies and Misinformation

Another former government minister mentioned in point eighteen of the report was Godwin Hulse. The inquiry report claims that Hulse was also one of the recipients of government assets. In several previous interviews during the Barrow administration, Hulse had many times boasted of using his own vehicle in carrying out government business. He said upon seeing the report he was floored that a commission would print lies and misinformation, and more so that his name was called.

Godwin Hulse, Former Government Minister: “I was one of those ministers who refused to ride in a vehicle with blue plates I did not want any kind of issue with government vehicle being here or there or his family riding in there etc. So from day one I insisted on using my own private vehicle and being paid mileage and of course government provides the fuel. That was my insistence and that was supported by the Prime Minister because that was non negotiable. I now hear that a few of the new ministers are thinking of doing the same and as the Honorable Joe Waight would say ‘Boy if every minister was like you.’ because I never blew my fuel budget. I had one driver and my vehicle was always well maintained and so, which I did myself or I did sometimes on rare occasions through the agents in Belmopan from whom I bought it. So I was flabbergasted, I was shocked really to see this and disgusting thing about it is the preface and if I may quote it says ‘it is also more likely than not.’ What is that? Who puts that in a report? A report is the findings of facts based on thorough investigations , thorough consultations, thorough interviews. I know this process, this nation knew I managed that process for a couple of years with the Senate. There is no innuendos, there is no speculation there are facts and so this opening statement already tells you that this is star gazing ‘it is more likely than not.’  but let’s go on. ‘That the Honorable Godwin Hulse also, meaning that I am one among the others, ‘acquired at 2013 Mahindra pickup ( which he continues to regularly use) in the name of Karl Gillett during the relevant period. The relevant period being November of 2019 to 2020 because section of the whole report they indicated that the relevant period of the investigation and the procedures and processes for the sale of government assets during the period October 2019 to 2020 so that’s the relevant.. So the allegation here or the suggestion here is that, I during that period, acquired a 2013 Mahindra which I continue to use. And of course it goes on to says ‘and these were clearly all on the account of the public service.’ In other words I acquired a government vehicle within that period and I continued to use that vehicle. Man there could be nothing further from the truth. It is so malicious, it is so irresponsible, it is so mischievous, and it is so wrong. First of all I would never know who ad Karl Gillette is if he even exists and so I just see this as being thrown at the bottom there “you can get Godwin Hulse name in there because this will sound sexy or this will be aha we got him.” 

Hulse went on to set the record straight and challenged any media or member of the public to investigate the matter of his vehicles which he acquired from his own personal funds from Motor Solutions.

Godwin Hulse, Former Government Minister Those are the only two Mahindra’s in my life that I have had. I liked the vehicles, they were cheap to run, very very fuel efficient. As I said Joe Waight used to say ‘my goodness if everybody had used these kinds of vehicles.’ So the last thing I would expect that my Mahindra would show up in some report with some spurious deep as though I acquired this under some third party trickery, what the hell? And I put these data out there so anybody can check it. You are an investigative journalist and a good one call Mr.Banon or call Mr Jose Chakon verify that because that’s what it is. And people always see me in the vehicle and both of them are red. First one was red, second one is red. And so that was really really shocking to me when that came up. The Commission could have verified that extremely easily, there can be no question about it they could have asked Joe Waight, they could have gone to transport, they could have gone to the dealership, they could have asked any senator who saw me in those vehicles every time they could have asked anybody in the various departments that I worked. I conclude that if you can put that in a report and you can make it so prominently displayed what does it say about the report? What else is erroneous and wrong? This to my mind is nothing more than character assassination. “Let’s put that out there aha so the public will say see he’s running around in a Mahindra that is government vehicle that he bought cheap.” come on man really? That’s the story on those. As I said any of the journalists listening anybody out there listening has my permission to go and check the facts. Check the facts there right there I have nothing to hide.” 

As Hulse clears his name on the findings in the report, our newsroom asked him to weigh in on the other findings that point to possible corruption and illegal processes that occurred within the administration that he was a part of.

Godwin Hulse, Former Government Minister:  I don’t know yet. I haven’t given a lot of thought to that yet. I don’t know where I go from here I will just see where we go and then I will take it from there. I understand some of the underline ministers are going to challenge the report we’ll see where that goes and we’ll see what next but as far as I am concerned those who believe believe, those who don’t believe don’t believe and so that is why I felt it was terribly important to say to you first of all to give you this interview and to say to you there is the data go check it. So anybody who says ‘ oh he’s only saying that.’ go check it. Go check the data that’s all you have to do don’t take my word. And that’s where I am with that.”