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Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lisa Shoman, will not retract statement

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senator, Lisa Shoman in an open letter to the Prime Minister Dean Barrow referred to a recent comment made by the present Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington in regards to the Guatemalan Belize territorial dispute. She said Elrington’s statements were “ridiculous” and “wrong”. In an interview, Elrington said that Belize has to go to the ICJ in order for our borders to be defined. In her letter, Shoman wrote quote, “For the Foreign Minister of Belize to make that statement is nothing short of ridiculous and it is utterly wrong.” Thereafter, the Prime Minister in an interview with the media, said that Shoman’s comment may have gotten her in trouble with the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB) where she sits as a judge on the tribunal. In an interview with Love News, Shoman said that she has not seen or read any letter of complaint against her.


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senator, Lisa Shoman:

“I’ve really actually heard nothing from the IDB as yet so whether it can or will get me into trouble or not remains to be seen but what is important is that the Prime Minister actually didn’t answer any of the allegations. He has not addressed the remarks that were made by his foreign minister so that I find that of course interesting that I should end up being the focus instead of where it should be which is on the Foreign Minister’s remarks.”


Shoman went on to say that she stands by her statement and will not retract her open letter to the Prime Minister.


Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senator, Lisa Shoman:

“I hold to the statement that I made in the open letter, I am not retracting the open letter it was published I stand by it. I think the foreign minister didn’t express himself correctly ,his statements were inaccurate they were wrong and I believe that the foreign minister has a duty to explain to Belize and Belizeans what his statements meant and I think so does the Prime Minister of Belize and I really hope that instead of placing the focus on me, because whatever happens to me will happen one way or the other, the focus really should be on the statements that were made by the Foreign Minister of Belize in the extensive Love interview that he gave last week.”