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Former Minister says Re-registration is important for the ICJ decision

When some people retire, they tend to do less office work and gain a little weight from all that free time. But for one former minister of government, retirement from public office has meant more flipping work and not an ounce gained. Former Area Representative for Stann Creek West, Melvin Hulse has been assisting to reregister people from the villages in his district since day one the re-registration exercise. Hulse told Love News that it is important that every adult has a say in how we solve the unfounded claim that Guatemala has on Belize.

 Former Area Representative for Stann Creek West, Melvin Hulse: What I have been doing is using all my time to encourage the villagers to go and re-register so I have been spending from the 2nd of July to up today and including yesterday to let them appreciate the value of registration and for two things because most people’s concept on this re-registration is political. It’s the politician want us to go register, it’s the politician want us to go and register. I am not interested in politics, I am not interested in voting. It has nothing to do with politics: one our law dictates that we do re registration every ten years. That is a good thing because then you correct mistakes, you find out who died, you find out where people have moved to, where people are living so that’s a great thing. It helps ensure the integrity of the voters list because we know a lot of fool goes on over a period of time so that is important.

Jose Sanchez: I know that most of the politicians have just been going after people who wear their color whether it is red or blue. As a former Minister are you just going for UDP or are you just going forever.

Former Area Representative for Stann Creek West, Melvin Hulse: No at this point in time for me nothing at this moment in time in my history, of my country and we have been here hundreds of years is the referendum. You can’t go vote at the referendum unless you have re-registered on the new voters list so what my friends and I have been doing out there in every village is that we have been bringing out and we have been encouraging and bringing out everybody from the age of 18 to 99. I have to apologize for those one one whose over a 100 but that is what we are focusing. We don’t have any scrutinizers, we don’t have any ties to political parties or anything because we want people to stay focus on how important the referendum is so I have taken literature into the areas. Giving them things to read.