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Former Negotiator Says Things are Getting Worst With the Belize/Guatemala Issue

As we mentioned today’s conference hosted by the Belize Bar Association, the issue of the territorial differendum was the topic at hand.  It is an issue that has been going on for generations and for many, it is one that has  been taken for granted with the mentality that it will just go on and on for generations to come.  Dr Assad Shoman who has been involved in the negotiations for years, however, is very much concerned and is urging citizens to wake up and realize that things are getting worst.


One of the complaints that Belizeans have had regarding the matter is what has been perceived as weakness on the part of Belize’s Foreign Minister but according to Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay it is difficult to pass judgement as we do not know what occurs within meetings.  Courtenay did reiterate Shoman’s comments as they relate to taking back the situation and deal with what is going on on  the ground.


It is an old dispute that has been hanging over our heads for decades with several courses of action proposed and presented to our Guatemalan counterparts but none of it has ended in a resolution to the matter.  So, who is to blame for the delay in a definitive solution?  We asked Dr Shoman who had been involed in the negotiations for many years.

Shoman went on to speak on the territorial volunteers and how the Government responds to their action.


As it relates to the issue at the Sarstoon, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay has commended our security forces and did shed some light on the construction of the Forward Operating Base.


The conference by the Belize Bar Association is an annual event geared at keeping its members informed.