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Former Queen of the Bay Coordinator Seeking Legal Action Against the Belmopan City Council

Just over a week ago, we reported on the impasse between the Queen of the Bay committee in Belmopan and the Belmopan City Council. The City Council announced in a letter that after the Queen of the Bay committee in the city did not change the local pageant coordinator, they are withdrawing its support for the pageant altogether. It seems the council wanted the committee to give Chantel Magdaleno-Petzold the boot and replace her with long-time educator and writer, Leroy Green. But today, the situation went up a notch with Magdaleno-Petzold accusing the council’s spokesman, J.B. Wade of defamation and she now has lawyered up. Her attorney, Orson “O.J.” Elrington spoke to our newsroom today about why his client has taken this position.

Orson “OJ” Elrington, Attorney: “Indeed there was an impasse between the National Queen of the Bay committee and the Belmopan City Council which was a sponsor for years I think maybe since the inception and when questioned as to the reason that the Belmopan City Council would not be supporting Ms.Chantel Petzold Magdaleno as the coordinator of the Queen of the Bay the representative of the Belmopan City Council, Mr.JB Wade John Bernard Wade I believe is his full name, uttered some defamatory statements in effect what he did was accuse Ms.Chantel Petzold Magdaleno of misappropriating the property for former candidates and as you would know and as any reasonable person would know that that is clearly defamatory and unacceptable. And therefore we penned this letter last week but we were not able to serve it until yesterday on Mr.Wade and on the Belize City Council informing them of the breach and instructing them that an apology was being demanded forthwith and that they should make an offer as to settlement for the damages to the character of Ms.Chantel Pitzold Magdaleno.”

So far, neither Wade nor the Belmopan City Council has responded to the letter, which was received yesterday.