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Former UDP Minister Melvin Hulse resigns from party

In June of this year former UDP Minister and at the time standard bearer for Stann Creek West, Melvin Hulse was in the headlines as a secret recording was made public. In that recording, Hulse was heard criticizing Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He also made statements considered to be libelous. At the time, the Prime Minister demanded an apology from Hulse, which he complied with. However things apparently did not improve between Hulse and the United Democratic Party as today Hulse announced he is no longer a member of the party.

Melvin Hulse – Former UDP Minister

As of now and as of today I am officially no member of the UDP party I’ve resigned from the party and I want to be an independent free thinker who it if he sees an injustice or anything because when you belong to a party you are to a degree obligated to not criticize. If I work for BTL I can’t be criticizing them, if I work for Love FM I can’t criticize them, we could do it out there and then they tape it then we would get in trouble. So I have decided that I have reached a point where we are on a different page, my loyalty is to helping grassroots people.”

Hulse said for some time he has been pushed around when trying to get things done for the people in Stann Creek West. He said the tipping point came when a planned expansion project in Placencia got derailed.

 Melvin Hulse – Former UDP Minister

“And so the people got their purchase price, they borrowed money to pay their purchase price so the couple who built their house, borrowed money. I managed to get some money to build the street and the street is there and now they have been told “we will cancel all of that, we are not going to give you that title because some way or another we gave this guy a title for it when you had the lease.” Title for the forty one lots, suddenly a title resurrected from 2012 to a Jamaican. Already acquired and the Prime Minister said and he kept his word in that and we got that given up, now its everyone has been called by the ministry to say “forget it, don’t try to start to build because we are taking it back because we lost that case in court.” Lost which case in which court and then the little piece over the other side which would give about fourteen lots I already say that since I stepped down they are surveying that, that is not for the people of Placencia. Man this thing has to stop.”

In the secret recording, Hulse was heard venting his frustration about being given the runaround by a couple government ministers. He said it was simply the erosion of the relationship with his colleagues.

 Melvin Hulse – Former UDP Minister

It’s a constant struggle to get land issues straightened up for them, leases and then you hear all these excuses then people give you the word that “yes well get it done and we’ll do this.” and they don’t keep their word then it starts to show if you are not a key person in the party then you stop being a Belizean and you can’t get any of the benefits from the ministry and you can’t push for things. Some of the parents went to ecumenical just last week the school is telling them that all of them that were recommended by Mr.Hulse for education recommendation will cease, this is what was told to the parents and the parents had to take out their kids. I am the messenger who delivers it to the ministry. What I have discovered nobody cares about the message, let’s be mad with the messenger, the messenger and me don’t have the same opinion, a lot of bull crap and we are getting less and less. We got no Christmas Cheer, we got no Mother’s day Cheer in Stann Creek west because we are not happy with Hulse so 30,000 people, 23 villages have tough luck. I have a problem with that, I have an opinion and if we disagree you are then ostracized, you go to the Ministry and because I am not active in politics, ‘no no no you’re not in play’. What do you mean I’m not in play.”

Hulse said while he will not be seeking political office, he will be keeping an eye on what is happening.

 Melvin Hulse – Former UDP Minister

““I just need to sensitize my former colleagues that they are running for election and if I see a little injustice going on they can’t fault me for coming on the media and expose it because a lot has happened over the last seven years.”

But while Hulse painted a grim picture of political life, he said there is hope that the great divide will be breached.

Melvin Hulse – Former UDP Minister

I see two things happening, the younger crowd will be coming in, the old set will be gone. A lot of the younger crowd, not necessarily these existing crowd right now, although I see elements on both sides the fact is that this younger side coming in will have crossed paths academically by being in the same path in that they would have gone to school together their worlds and their business worlds are overlapping so I think we will get better as we phase out. I can see any better coming in this immediate short term future but there are younger people coming in on both sides, they are very educated and people who the old days of fanaticism are gone. The era of personal greed and selfishness that is the era that we are in.”

Melvin Hulse told us while he has no desire to seek elected office, he will continue to work for the people in Stann Creek West.