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Forte cries foul over land hustle

Amy Forte has reserved her rights to institute legal action against the Vega Family and the Government of Belize.  Forte’s attorney issued a statement saying that recent media reports implicated her as being involved in a quote, “land hustle scheme with certain members of the family of Former Minister of Lands, Mr. Gaspar Vega.” End of quote. Forte’s attorney says that while she had applied to purchase a piece of land in Caye Caulker in 2007, she did not receive any title to the piece of land. In fact, they says she did not even receive a response from the Government of Belize. Forte became aware that a piece of land was issued in her name after it was reported in the media. Her attorneys say that Forte did not pay any purchase price sums to the Government for the piece of land allegedly acquired by her nor did she transfer any property to Andre Vega, the son of former Minister Gaspar Vega. Forte asserts that she has never met Andre Vega and did not receive the thirty thousand dollars mentioned by the media. Forte has been advised by experts that her signature was forged. According to the statement, what has been reported by the media has caused quote, “extreme embarrassment, loss of personal and professional reputation, emotional distress, brought into question her integrity and threatens to jeopardize her career.” End of quote. Her attorneys have written to the Minister of Natural Resources for steps to be taken in order to cancel the land transactions.