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Forty Belize City Youth Receive Scholarships

*Forty young men and women who are vulnerable in crime-ridden communities on Thursday were given scholarships through a partnership between the Kolbe Foundation and the ministries of Education and Home Affairs. The at-risk youths were given the opportunity to advance their education through skills training. Ministers Kareem Musa and Francis Fonseca underscored the importance of supporting the youths. *

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “What we are giving is a vote of confidence to our young men and women. A lifeline. A blank check, a reminder that we love and support them. A reminder that Belize is rooting for them. We want them to win too. These are forty messages, messages of hope, messages of opportunity, forty messages of empowerment. Forty messages that we have not given up on them. Forty reminders that we believe in who they are and what their potential is when they are given a real chance. These forty skills training scholarships to our young men and women is a loud statement. A statement of confidence and trust, a commitment to a belief in the reality of who you are as a person not a cheap handout hi.”

Francis Fonseca, Minister of Education: “I encourage you to embrace this opportunity fully, take full advantage of it. It is an opportunity for you to gain a life long skill that can create job opportunities for you and that is who we lift people out of poverty; providing them with not only with knowledge, information and knowledge but also with skills. Equipping them with skills and values and attitudes for success and that is what this initiative is all about. It’s about giving these young people an opportunity, equipping them with knowledge, equipping them with skills, equipping them with values and attitudes for employment so that they’re ready for the world of work. There are opportunities out there so take full advantage of it we’re here to support you as Minister Kareem said. We’re here to support you, we want you to succeed and I have said to the people at ITVET one of the important things about technical and vocational education is that you have to be flexible, you have to be flexible. It’s not just about sitting in a classroom and learning, it’s about being flexible and making sure that we’re developing programs that fit the needs of our students.”