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Fostering the Culture of Dependency

Over the years, a part of the culture that Belizeans have adopted is one of dependency upon the politicians.  When a fire comes and destroys our lives, we turn to the Government to make amends regardless of the circumstances; when a natural disaster hits, many look to the current administration to restore what was broken even private properties and structures.  It is a culture passed on from generation to generation particularly in the poverty stricken areas.  Some have frowned at the culture that many if not all politicians continue to feed whilst some have stated that it is the duty of the Government to look after its people.  As we followed both Ministers Patrick Faber and Edmond Castro in the Collet division this morning looking on as newly built starter homes were being handed over to their respective owners, we asked Castro if the culture of dependency is not a concern for him as a Government minister.


Since Hurricane Earl hit there have been over one hundred homes built and handed over to those who were affected by the disaster.