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Four arrested for Corozal robberies

Police have arrested several persons in connection with a number of robberies, which occurred in Corozal Town. ACP Joseph Myvett, Head of National Crimes Investigation Branch, provided the media with the details.

ACP Joseph Myvette: “On Wednesday last the owner of Aquafina water in Corozal Located on G Street reported that sometime after 8pm whilst himself and two other employees were outside his business place they were approached by two male persons, one of whom was armed with a firearm and they were taken inside the business place where they were relieved of monies and other personal belongings. As a result Police intensive investigations have led to the arrest of one Danilo Lima 23 years and he has since been charged for three counts of robbery. In relation to a second robbery which occurred on the 27th of September at Guang Toy Store on 7t Ave Corozal Town. Police were in the area some time around 8:50 PM when they saw four male persons of dark complexion wearing dark clothing running away from the business place. Initial Police investigation into this matter revealed that sometime around 8:50 PM four persons of dark complexion armed entered the business place where an undisclosed amount of money was stolen. Quick police investigation into this matter have resulted in the arrest of Zandon Myers 23 years, Nigel Gonzalez and Michael Franklin all for the crimes of robbery whilst Police are seeking one more person in relation to this robbery.”