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Four Belizeans received UWC scholarships

Four students have been awarded with United World Colleges’ scholarships to pursue International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).  Emil Pulido, the Public Relations Officer for the United World Colleges Belize, shared that UWC schools offer students an experience of a life-time.
Emil Pulido – Public Relations Officer, United World Colleges, Belize: “We are very happy to say that sixteen-year-old Xavissa Molina will be going to Norway. Sixteen-year-old Irene Hung will be going to Costa Rica. Sixteen-year-old Isabel Trejo will be going to Japan. Seventeen-year-old Megan Polanco will be going to China. This is different from mainstream universities because its mission is to use education as a uniting force to protect the environment and to create future leaders. As soon as you are finished your two-year program you immediately qualify for what is called the Shelby Davis Scholarship which is a Bachelor’s Degree Program.”
Pulido added that United World Colleges aim to use education as a tool to promote peace and unity.  In relation, there were thirty-five students who received scholarships from the Republic of China (Taiwan).