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Four ladies vie for title of PG Queen of the Bay

Paul Mahung reporting…

The Queen of the Bay pageant is one of the major events held in connection with September Celebration activities. All preparations are in place for the annual exciting event as explained by pageant coordinator Sherlyn Cassimiro.”

Sherlyn Cassimiro

 “The four delegates vying for this year’s Queen of the Bay pageant here in Punta Gorda are Chelsea Flores, Albrecia Vires, Imaun Martinez and Kianie Blanco. The delegates will be judged by their introduction, swim wear, individual talent and evening gown. We are pleased to have as our MC for the nights event Paul Mahung. The Punta Gorda Town’s Queen of the Bay pageant will be held on Saturday August 29th 2015 at 6:30pm at the Father Ring Parish Hall. General Admission will be $8, kids $3 and reserved $10. I urge the citizens of Punta Gorda to come out and support a worthy cause.”

Paul Mahung, Love News

Cassmiro confirmed that another important aspect of the pageant that will be included on the delegates scoring sheet is the question and answer segment. Cassimiro commented that this year’s Ms. Queen of the Bay Punta Gorda pageant has well appreciated support of mayor Fern Gutierrez and town council as well as Punta Gorda’s September Celebrations Committee