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Four men charged with firearm offences

Four known gang members were charged for firearm offences. They were detained by officers of the Gang Suppression Unit, GSU who were on patrol last night in the Saint Martin de Pores Area of Belize City. There they searched a gold Toyota Camry car at the corner of Flamboyant Street and Mahogany Street. The car was being driven at the time by 29 year old Anthony Robinson and he was accompanied by twenty nine year old Deshane Mena, 38 year old Richard Flores and 21 year old Leith Bermudez, all of Belize City. Inside the car GSU found a point thirty eight revolver, Smith and Wesson Special Brand with brown wooden pistol grip loaded with five point thirty eight rounds of ammunition, S & B brand. The firearm was found underneath the front passenger seat of the car. As a result, all four men were jointly arrested and charged for “Kept Firearm and Ammunition with having been granted a gun license.” GSU believes they are all members of the PIV Gang. Over the weekend, members of the GSU were on operation on Tigris Street on Saturday night. They searched an abandoned building which resulted in the discovery of a transparent plastic containing twelve point nine grams of crack cocaine. No one was in the immediate area at the time of the discovery therefore; the drug was kept and labeled as Found Property.  The drug is believed to be for a known drug peddler of the George Street Gang.