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Four More Belizeans Fall Victim to COVID-19

Another four Belizeans are among the tally who have lost their lives to COVID-19; that’s according to the statistics presented earlier this evening by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. With these four deaths, the number of fatalities stands at five hundred and forty-eight. This comes as another one hundred and sixty-four Belizeans have tested positive for the coronavirus. Deputy Director of Health Services, Nurse Lizett Bell explained the numbers further.

Nurse Lizett Bell, Deputy Director of Health Services: “We had a total of 1,797 tests that was done today of which 164 are positive giving us a positivity rate of 9.2%. To date we have 130 persons under investigation. Of that 164 persons that were positive 113 are females and 81 are males. We have a total active case of 1,728 persons of which 926 are female and 804 are males. We have a total of 30 persons hospitalized, of that thirty 12 persons are in the ICU. When it comes to hospitalization we have a total of 4 deaths to report with a fatality rate of 1.8%. When we look at the community data we have done a total of 332,188 tests of which 29,269 resulted in a positive case with a positivity rate of 9.15. So we have an accumulated fatality rate of 1.87 with total number of deaths of 548 since the pandemic started.”

Most of today’s cases were reported in Cayo, which tallied fifty-four. Stann Creek reported 35 and there were thirty-four on the mainland Belize District. There were thirteen in Corozal, eleven in Orange Walk and ten in Toledo. In terms of vaccinations, Belize is still a far cry from its target. Dr. Damaris Cruz of the Ministry’s Maternal and Child Health Unit spoke about why it’s important for Belize to reach its goal.

Dr. Damaris Cruz, Ministry of Health, Maternal and Child Health Unit: “There are to this date 190,031 persons with complete vaccination regimen in Belize with 208,168 having received their first dose. Our country’s target population continues at 71%. We are to date at 44.18%. I want to explain that the objective of the target population is that so that more individuals within the community have immunity, have protection or have some response against the virus so that in the event that they do get infected they have a better chance of fighting off the infection and therefore the virus has less possibility of changing of turning into a variant which we have already seen is the case in many countries and which we suspect had been imported into the country of Belize as well. So this is why it’s important that our target population is increased and we vaccinated at least 71% and noting that this target may increase as the epidemiological context of the country continues to evolve and change. When we consider the target population which is the teen group, the group that qualifies for the Pfizer vaccine, the target we aimed for is currently 58,292 persons. Of those we have 22,866 who have already received their second doses and that would account for 39.3% of the target population for the teen group. There are to date 28,735 person who have received a first dose.”

While 71 percent is the national goal for vaccinations, the northern districts have taken the lead as fifty-four percent of people in Orange Walk have received the jab while forty-nine percent in Corozal have done the same.