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Three men and a woman are facing possible jail time after they were caught with over five hundred cans of assorted contraband beer.  The Belizeans who reside in Santa Familia Village, Cayo District were busted last night with forty-three cases of assorted contraband beers and a case of soda found in an SUV they were traveling in.  An official police report is still pending but our newsroom was informed that the bust was made during a routine patrol in Bullet Tree Village, Cayo District.  The Police reportedly noticed a blue Hyundai vehicle on the Calla Creek Road and subsequently became suspicious.  Police set chase and upon interception they found the beverages.  Occupants of the vehicle were detained and the items were turned over to the Customs Department.  Love News understands that the four have been classified as border jumpers and are currently in mandatory quarantine as a precautionary measure.  Once cleared from quarantine they will face charges.  The new laws enacted earlier this year dictates a mandatory prison sentence of six months for border jumping if they are found guilty in court.  Meanwhile the beverages are reportedly being labelled and stored as evidence until the court process is completed.