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Four shot in Ladyville, Two are killed

The second shooting happened about two hours later in Ladyville. Sometime around seven in the night shots were fired at a group of persons who were socializing at a house on Marage Road in that Village and it resulted in the death of two men. Two others were injured, one of them a passerby. Dalila Ical has more on this story.

Dalila Ical Reporting

A group of friends were socializing in this yard on Marage Road in Ladyville Village when they were ambushed by two masked gunmen who let out a barrage of bullets in their direction.

The group scattered to safety, but four were hit. 25 year old Marlon Spain, a resident of that village, was shot to the head and died. About two hundred yards away on Compassion Road, police found 24 year old Casey Lozano who we are told was alive but later died. He had been shot to the left upper part of his back and in his buttocks.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head, CIB Belize City

“Upon making checks at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital police observed two other male persons suffering from apparent gunshot wounds to the body, they are Cindy Humes and Johan Grey, both of them were admitted last night and were discharged this morning because of minor injuries that they had sustained.”

22 year old Jonah Gray was hit in his groin area. Police say Marlon Spain and Gray were the first to have been hit. After the group scattered, the gunmen set chase after them into Compassion Road and that is where Casey Lozano was fatally injured. 47 year old Sydney Humes was not part of the group and authorities believe he was shot while he sat in front of his home. He was hit in his left knee and left leg.

The gunmen reportedly escaped in the same direction from where they emerged.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – Head, CIB Belize City

“Police processed the area were they found several expended shells and at present they have three male persons detained and are seeking two more that can assist in the investigation. At this point in time the investigation is still at a very infant stage and to determine who was the target I cannot tell you directly but we suspect that one of hte persons there was one of the target.”

Lozano’s mother, Cynthia Lozano told the media that only minutes before she was speaking with her son Casey. They were discussing a catering job they had for Sunday. She then went into her room to discuss their decision with her husband.

Cynthia Lozano – Mother of Casey Lozano

“By the time I walked in the room I saw him jump on his bicycle and ride out. I got not even two minutes and I heard the barrage of gunfire and I was like ‘Oh my God my kids are out there I hope it snot one of them.”

But the reality was a bitter one. Lozano met one of her other sons running towards their home, but Casey was not among them and he would not answer her calls. She did not confirm that he was hit until the police arrived. And while police do not yet have a motive for the attack, Lozano has her suspicions.

Cynthia Lozano – Mother of Casey Lozano

“I heard personally form my sons how it took place because they know exactly who it is, they gave a clean detail of what transpired last night and we just have to wait for the hands of the law to catch up with them.”

 Dalila Ical – Reporter

“Are you able to say if Casey was the target or if your sons were the target or was it just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Cynthia Lozano – Mother of Casey Lozano

“The way things are today I wouldn’t want to speculate but my honest opinion this is stemming from Rene Chavaria “Fatcat”‘s murder this is from that. And all I want these boys to know if Rene was alive nobody would have touched my family because despite what the streets said about Rene, Rene had respect for me, for my family.”

This is the second son that Lozano has lost to gun violence. Despite the apparent dangers, she says she does not believe her family remains in danger.

Cynthia Lozano – Mother of Casey Lozano

“I wouldn’t want to say so. I’m hoping they made good what they planned to do because it was right on the street for almost two years now so I hope they accomplished what they wanted. Stripes they didn’t get any, stars they didn’t get any because they were cowards, he was shot in the back. They should have faced him.”


Police say that several of those who were in the yard have had many run-ins with the law and have even been charged for different offense but ASP Cowo says they cannot say yet whether the attack is related to anyone’s past.