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Four Top Cops Retire from the Force

Earlier today, the Belize Police Department bid farewell to four of its top cops. Our newsroom understands that a small retirement luncheon was held for the officers in the presence of their peers. One of whom was the Commissioner of Police Chester Williams.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “Today is a very sad day for us but at the same time a joyous day. Sad in the sense that we’re losing four of our experienced senior officer in the person of Sr.Supt Linden Flowers, Sr.Supt. Sinquet Martinez, Supt. Dinsdale Thompson and Assistant Superintendent Earnell Dominguez. So those four officers go off on preretirement leave today and so them leaving will certainly leave a void in Eastern Division. Nonetheless we will look around our ranks and see how we can find persons who can fill those voids that will be left behind by these four very experienced officers. I want to take the opportunity to thank four retirees and their families for the time they have spent serving this country and serving the Belize Police Department in such a stellar manner as they have done and while they go off on retirement I wish them all the very best in their future endeavor. Giving them gifts the different commanders or the different officers with whom they have worked just gave them a token of appreciation and as the Commissioner I delivered a word of advice and encouragement to them and you know there’s a saying that once a police officer always a police so I am certain that they’re already accustomed to waking up a certain time every day and getting ready to go to work and now tomorrow they won’t have to do that and so you might find they will have sometimes to adjust the new lifestyle of being an ordinary civilian in the country. So again it is sad for us but at the same time we’re happy to know that these four gentlemen have served distinguishably within the Belize Police Department.”