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Fourteen New Cases of COVID-19 Detected

We begin this segment with a look at the nation’s COVID-19 numbers. The figures for the past twenty-four hours were released earlier this evening by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. While fourteen news cases have been identified there are zero new deaths to report. HECOPAB’s technical advisor, Kathleen Azueta-Cho provides the breakdown for tests done prior to one o’clock this afternoon.

Kathleen Azueta-Cho,  HECOPAB Technical Advisor:  “A total of 735 samples were tested. Out of these, 14 samples have resulted positive for COVID19. There are 3 new recoveries to report. Today we also report that 7 infected persons are hospitalized. We have 2 persons in the intensive care unit and no new deaths to report. The cumulative report we are presenting is from March 2020 when we had our first case. The new total of active cases now stands at 137, these are those persons who have been confirmed and are within the timeframe to transmit the virus. To date 140,905 samples have been tested nationally. Out of this 12,938 samples have resulted positive for COVID19. There are 164 individuals newly under investigation. A total of 325 deaths have been reported but we are pleased to report that there are 12,463 total recoveries.”

Of the fourteen cases reported, the Orange District accounted for two while the Belize and Cayo District both saw three new cases each. The Stann Creek recorded the highest new cases with five persons testing positive, and the most southern district of Toledo reported one new case.